About Us

The founders of Pro Teaching Temps have been servicing the educational sector since 1979. We have provided a cadre of services to this community including corporate seminars, early childhood curriculum development, teacher training, business development and educational staffing. The company soon realized that there was a relentless need for a professional agency to provide private schools with professional staff on a temporary, long term and permanent basis. Studies had also shown that there was a national need to fill these vacancies. Based on this information the company then held a series of focus groups with potential teachers across the country. This initiative led to the enrollment of hundreds of teachers who were seeking this type of teaching opportunity. Many had multiple degrees and several had doctoral degrees or were doctoral candidates.

These were exactly the type of professionals Pro Teaching was seeking. Pro Teaching also wanted to create a process that was user friendly for clients and teachers. A software system was developed that provided a seamless process that is completely on-line.  The agency will soon service 44 states completing their national initiative to become the largest and most effective educational staffing company in the United States. The company’s goal is to provide the highest level of educational services to our nation’s most precious resource; our children.